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“Luke has been the primary content writer for our web site, blogs, and press releases. The first time that we engaged with Luke to write an article about USArchive, I was completely impressed with his ability to capture the essence of our company and our market. He has that very special skill to interview, listen, and eloquently create the story.

I sincerely appreciate what Luke has done for us as a critical component in our continuing web marketing presence.”

Your talented team has invested significant time and resources into preparing your project for launch. Copywriting is only a small part, but not direct or easy. Your follow-through is critical now. Forget the last mile, this is just the last yard.

And now, you can finish strong.

Expert Wordsmithing for Your Project

Earn sign-offs from all stakeholders with rapid revisions and near-instant iterations.

Employ best practices learned from 8 years of projects that clients believed were impossible.

Rush orders, on-site collaboration, and off-hours activity available-- helping you make progress and hit milestones even during nights and weekends.

About Luke Phillips, Lead Consultant 

Luke Phillips began writing professionally in 2008, teaming with multiple marketing agencies to get experience and exposure with a variety of businesses. 

Asked to join one partner full-time, he accepted the role of Client Services Director where he led a team of writers producing persuasive content and took on top clients' projects personally. Luke's talent is part refined experience and part natural gift-- he was first published in a trade magazine at just 15 years old!

A true wordsmith, Luke uses vocabulary, tone, and audience understanding how engineers use their applied knowledge: to solve problems, even when other smart people wouldn't know where to start.

Mick Plath, Owner/President

USArchive Imaging Services Inc. 

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